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Induction&Hi-light stove Munchen Q2FLY has a lock which to against the curious children

Induction&Hi-light stove Munchen Q2FLY has a lock which to against the curious children

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Nominated in Top20 products being the most popular choice in Noi that Kuong Thinh (Kuong Thinh Furniture- kitchen Supermarket) by vendees, Induction&Hi-light stove Munchen Q2FLY has gained the trust of vendees with luxury brands of Germany Gorenje Group and handy- modern- intelligent function.

Munchen is a prestigious brand of Gorenje Group Germany (kitchen appliances group). Constituted in 1930s, Germany Gorenje Group built and marched brand Munchen. The vendees ken not only induction stove products, but also Induction&Hi-light stove products. In particular,  Induction&Hi-light stove Munchen Q2FLY, is an integrated product, gets EMC Directive 108/EC.

bếp điện từ MC200i

Surface’s Induction&Hi-light stove Munchen Q2FLY is made with Schott Ceran. The components of Induction&Hi-light stove Munchen Q2FLY are EGO thermal components (02 heat- cycles). Induction&Hi-light stove Munchen Q2FLY has an invisible touch control, so surface’s Induction&Hi-light stove Munchen Q2FLY is a smooth flat.

In addition to the residual heat warning, which helps housewife to be careful when exposing to surface of Induction&Hi-light stove Munchen Q2FLYInduction&Hi-light stove Munchen Q2FLY has a lock which to against the curious children. It has 02 zones (left: 2200w, right 2200w).

You do not have to worry about explosion from Munchen Q2FLY, because Munchen Q2FLY has the thermal overloading against system and automatical stoping circuit- system.


Welcoming to showroom Bếp từ Munchen, you will enjoy comfortable and friendly shopping -space, dedicated offering; and especially, you can own the genuine products such as Induction&Hi-light stove Munchen Q2FLY (good quality and affordable goods). We will give you a luxury cookers (made in Germany)– with polar attractive gifts. Come on, what are you waiting longer?

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