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Bếp từ Munchen: History of Gorenje

Bếp từ Munchen: History of Gorenje

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Bếp từ Munchen

Bếp từ Munchen1950 - 1960

Bếp từ Munchen: The establishment of Gorenje in a village that bears the same name. Initially the company was involved in the manufacture of agricultural machinery and the provision of building materials; Bếp từ Munchen: In 1958 it expanded its operations to the production of solid-fuel cookers; Bếp từ Munchen: This was followed by a relocation to the nearby town of Velenje in 1960 and the construction of new assembly facilities;

Bếp từ Munchen: 1961 - 1970

Bếp từ Munchen: The company expands its production to washing machines and refrigerators; Bếp từ Munchen: 1961 Gorenje first exports to Germany;

Bếp từ Munchen: 1971 - 1980

Bếp từ Munchen:-Its product range extends to the manufacture of kitchen units, ceramics, medical equipment, telecommunications devices, TV sets and other electrical goods for home; Bếp từ Munchen: The first steps were taken in the establishment of a distribution and sales network across Western Europe, further to which companies were established in Germany, Austria, France, Denmark and Italy;

Bếp từ Munchen: 1981 - 1990

Bếp từ Munchen: Major focus on core business- household appliances. A period marked by disinvestment from non-profitable manufacturing and commercial operations and a consequent refocusing on the area with most experience and pre-eminent products – to the household appliances;

Bếp từ Munchen: 1991 - 1996

Bếp từ Munchen: A restructuring of Gorenje, away from the erstwhile socialist self-management system to a stock exchange listed fully privatised company operating in a developing market economy; Bếp từ Munchen: Due to the loss of the domestic market caused through the disintegration of Yugoslavia, this period was also marked by an intensive reorientation towards export expansion; Bếp từ Munchen: The establishment of companies in Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria and Slovakia) predicated on the changes occurring in the region congruent to the development of new market economies;

Bếp từ Munchen

Bếp từ Munchen:-1997 - 2005

Bếp từ Munchen: Gorenje becomes a public company; Bếp từ Munchen: Investing into new products and technology: opening up of new markets, ecologically-sound and cutting - edge technologies; Bếp từ Munchen: As to its strategic plans Gorenje has infused new life into its business doctrine familiarly known as: "Everything for Home"; Bếp từ Munchen: Acquisition of Mora Moravia, a.s., cooking appliances producer from Czech Republic in year 2004;

Bếp từ Munchen: 2006 - 2009

Bếp từ Munchen:-Opening of the new refrigerators and freezers plant in Valjevo, Serbia in year 2006; Bếp từ Munchen:-New cobranded conceptual design lines Gorenje Pininfarina II, Gorenje Swarovski, Gorenje Ora-Ïto, Gorenje designed by Karim Rashid; Bếp từ Munchen: Acquisition of the company ATAG in year 2008; Bếp từ Munchen: New design of Gorenje new generation of cooking appliances, innovative fridge freezer "Gorenje for iPod", Gorenje Retro Collection and Gorenje Simplicity design line;

Bếp từ Munchen: 2010 - 2012

Bếp từ Munchen: Acquisition of the company ASKO in year 2010; Bếp từ Munchen: Launch of the new brand gorenje+; Bếp từ Munchen: New generation of Gorenje washing machines and dryers, intelligent fridge freezers, Xtreme Power induction hobs, Gorenje Vita and Gorenje One product lines;-Bếp từ Munchen: New strategy 2015 - restructuring of Asko manufacturing operations.

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